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David Auner, aac


"When I made my first short film as a producer and director, David was indispensable. Apart from his incredible ideas to solve technical challenges, it was his perception and intuition to capture images the way I had imagined them. His patience, creativity, desire to collaborate and love for cinematography have left a lasting impression to this day."

- Guenther Haiduk, Director

"Technical perfection, passion, a drive to find the best camera placement, and that certain something that we usually call talent; all that describes David. To work with him was the perfect collaboration between cinematography and directing. To have him at my side was a pleasure and a huge benefit for our film."

- Claudia Dermutz, Artist and Filmmaker

“David is a joy to work with, he is an artist with true passion and intrigue for the medium and loves every moment of bringing stories to life. Few DPs are as meticulous about the relation between light, a lens and the actor in front of it. For a director he’s the best person to have on your side.”

- Zach Smith, Director

"David Auner is a Cinematic force of nature. His love of film can only be rivaled by his extensive knowledge of the medium. He is both a collaborative and thoughtful film maker. His ability to channel his skill set and passion into his work pays off on the screen. It is a pleasure to work with him."

- Mis Loe, Producer

"Very few cinematographers have the technical and artistic clarity that David has. He took the ideas and themes of our film and enhanced it. Great collaborative partner to have on your team!"

- Maxwell Addae, Director